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Thinking Skill


TEOS Speaking


TEOS helps the students improve speaking skills
by challenging them to think more systematically.


TEOS provides video uploading program which leads
the students to analyze their own speaking as well
as to receive more feedback from the teachers.


TEOS believes that speaking ability is tremendously important
for the students to be competitive in the global

Collaborate with CTSC

CET affiliates with CTSC (Center for Technology and School Change) of Teachers College, Columbia University, and plans to create the projects which can develop students’ computational thinking skills as well as English fluency.

About CTSC

The Center for Technology and School Change is located at the Teachers College, Columbia University. CTSC is committed to the creation of innovative learning environments for all students. Recognizing technology as a catalyst for transforming instruction, the Center engages in research and practice to reimagine approaches to equitable education in the digital age.